Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rainy day

 Bit of rainy day reading so cold outside where did the sun go !!

Bit about me

Blogging  is supposed to be great fun I'm stressed out already just downloading the app lol

So here goes:-

Hi everyone thank you for reading this,
my name is Lucy I run loopyloos flowers and furniture a florist and up cycling furniture company, I am based in Eltham, London, I been running my own business since November last year at which point I really thought would be a breeze but boy was I wrong don't think I ever stop.
I have four dogs two grown up children now my own business so basically I find it hard to have time to myself, hairs normally in a clip or hair band, minimum makeup (yes that's me)
I love quirky things, my love of shopping has turned from buying clothes shoes and bags to mostly buying bits for my home and business.
I have a passion for quirky retro items and my house is full of vintage items I can't bare to part with, I will be posting pictures of my home with my next post

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Car bootie chic

Car bootie chic is all about finding treasured items and upcycling to fit in With your style either pouffe which you want to cover. Lights to turn into teacup chandeliers I love spray paint and it's amazing what you can do with an old eletrical light fitting

Upcycling still

I've not been on here for a while had sad news at home hence the gap 
Anyway things are getting back to normal even though there's a hole in the family
I've managed in the last week to find 4 1920s chairs which I am very grateful to the man that gave them to me I
And a 1960s coffee table which is being painted Right now hopefully the great paint will work and I will upload the pics soon